Rubber and plastics industry


   The main test types in the plastics and plastics industry are plastic/waterproof coil/geotextile tensile test, plastic thermal deformation and Vica softening point test, plastic pendulum impact test (simply supported beam impact),Cantilever impact,Tube impact,Tensile impact), drop hammer impact test of plastic pipe/plate, melt index test of plastic raw materials, pressure bursting test of plastic pipe, etc。We provide professional mechanical properties testing solutions for the plastics and plastics industry。Wanyi can provide electronic universal testing machine, microcomputer-controlled ring stiffness testing machine, hydrostatic testing machine, plastic pendulum impact testing machine, microcomputer-controlled thermal deformation Vica softening point testing machine, melt flow rate testing machine, etc

Tensile test

Electronic universal testing machine.png

Microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine

Equipment overview

       The microcomputer-controlled electronic universal testing machine equipped with waterproof coil tension fixture can complete the tensile test of asphalt waterproof coil sample。The tensile test of textile samples can be completed by configuring the broadband fixture。With the lever fixture, the tensile test of rubber, plastic sheet and other samples can be completed。It can also be equipped with automatic extensometer and large deformation to achieve the standard requirements of different test methods。

Impact test

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                                                 Plastic pendulum impact testing machine                           Plastic drop hammer impact testing machine

Thermal deformation Vica softening point test

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Microcomputer-controlled thermal deformation Vica softening point testing machine

      全球最大赌博365网站Microcomputer-controlled thermal deformation Vica softening point testing machineEquipment integration is high,The configuration of the implementation components and sensors make the equipment with high reliability, high temperature resistance, small deformation, sensitive response, accurate data transmission and other characteristics;The use of the equipment with the chiller can double the utilization rate of the equipment,The sample frame is made of low expansion coefficient alloy,Within 200℃, it can meet the standard requirements without correction。The machine is widely used for testing Vica softening temperature and load deformation temperature of thermoplastics and polymer materials。


Automatic melt flow rate tester           Melt flow rate tester

       Automatic melt flow rate tester (also known as melt index meter) is a special instrument for measuring the melt flow rate of thermoplastics under certain conditions。The melt flow rate (melt index) of thermoplastics refers to the mass or melt volume of the melt through the standard die every 10 minutes at a certain temperature and load, expressed by the MFR (MI) or MVR value。The test is mainly used for the quality inspection and storage inspection of raw materials and products of thermoplastics and chemical fibers。Machine height automation,Integrated press, lifting weights and cleaning processes;Through the clasp on the device,Can accurately control each pressing process;The equipment is in the process of testing,The loading and lifting of weights are completed automatically without manual intervention;After the test is completed, it is equipped with special cleaning components,Barrel cleaning is done at the touch of a button。

Pressure bursting test

Blasting tester.jpg

Pipe hydrostatic testing machine pipe hydrostatic testing machine

       Pipe hydrostatic testing machine is mainly used for thermoplastic pipe, aluminum-plastic composite pressure pipe and so on at constant temperature pressure time and instantaneous burst pressure measurement。

       Pipe hydrostatic testing machine is mainly used for long-term hydrostatic testing of plastic pipe, high pressure glass fiber pipe, composite pipe, municipal pipe and other hydraulic pipe fittings。